Wheelhouse Ski - single axel

Wheelhouse Ski - single axel

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For use on single axle trailer. 

These heavy-duty skis are designed specifically for your wheelhouse or ice fishing trailer, allowing you to use an ATV or snowmobile to pull your house through deep or slushy snow.  Being able to travel over poor snow and ice conditions with a lighter vehicle will get you out on the ice early and extend your season.

(Do not take risks. Always travel on safe ice!)

  • Solid one piece rotomolded construction
  • Strong, durable UV resistant plastic
  • Proprietary strap-down system
  • Precision cut zinc plated hardware
  • Fits 14”-16” tires
  • Unique triple keel for straight tracking
  • 14”x 52”
  • Teflon runners prevent wear and tear on skis
  • 2 skis, straps and connections included